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Two Program Assistants

If the value of the education does not exceed the value of the salary you’re getting?
You want to go beyond just equity ownership and take emotional ownership?
If you’re not helping build something you think you’ll be proud of, it’s not worth it. Life is short.
This is your chance. Joining a startup is much more than a job. It can be a life-changing experience.

We are looking for two program assistants. Please spread the word and/or send your resumes at resume@lettucebeekids.org.

come jo

Provide a wide variety of administrative support including calendar management, event planning, document creation and organization and maintenance of files.
-Maintaining an organized system of tracking, monitoring, and prioritizing tasks and projects.
-Assistance in scheduling and planning for events, such as meetings, conferences, and presentations, which may include coordinating arrangements for participants, handling logistics, preparing and disseminating materials.
-Creation, update and/or maintenance of organized files and records.
-Compilation and processing expense reports, reimbursements, and check requests, accurately and timely.
-Provides communications support and assistance to ensure timely responses to inquiries.
-Acting as liaison for team with internal partners, answering questions and routing requests appropriately.
-Taking and distributing minutes of meetings. Work proactively and take initiative to support the varying needs of the team.

-Time and responsibility. Time is of essence and so is ownership. If you know what this means, you are one of us.
-A minimum of 2 years work experience in an office setting, preferably in an administrative role, interacting intensively with internal and external contacts.
-Bachelors degree and/or equivalent experience is preferred.
-Experience setting priorities and meeting deadlines while balancing the needs of providing support for multiple individuals, including calendar management, travel arrangements, and event planning coordination.
-Excellent oral and written communication skills in an environment requiring diplomacy and good judgment in managing interactions with individuals, especially children.
-Demonstrated effectiveness meeting deadlines in a role requiring continual attention to detail in composing, typing, and proofing materials.
-Experience establishing organizational systems to improve efficiency and functioning in a changing environment.
-Demonstrated proficiency with MSWord, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint is required. Experience in learning and mastering new software applications.
-Demonstrated positive, collaborative approach and pro-activeness in work, including a commitment to problem solving and deadlines.

Thank you. We can’t wait to have you on board.

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Three tips for parents to help children with their study habits

There are many children that do not get the required supervision from parents and this clearly reflects in their poor performance at school.

There is a lot more to parenting than many of us think, and for your children’s proper upbringing, it is important that you consider these three tips to help them at studies:

Make a schedule

It is generally the case that children spending more than five hours a day watching TV have established a no study, no school perspective. Unexpected headaches in the morning are common excuses used by children to skip school. Does your child do anything of the sort? It might as well be an excuse to skip school.

Make a schedule for your child and for each activity, keep proper check on time. The clock is your best friend when it comes to making a schedule for your children. If there is two hours of television after three hours of study, ensure that the schedule is followed.

Picture courtesy: Anmosh.com

Picture courtesy: Anmosh.com

Keep in touch with the teachers

Many parents wonder what it would be like at the Parents-Teachers meeting at the school. Why not attend it once in a while? You can have a detailed discussion about your child’s academic performance with the class teacher.

The meeting can provide great detail about any weak areas where the children might need improvement and the stronger areas where they can excel at.

It is also advisable that you leave the class teacher your contact details and ask them to send you a brief monthly report. Any assignments given, tests taken, events organized and activities initiated will then be explained to you in detail and you can keep up with what is happening at school.

Parent-TeacherConference-1cym18rReward your children for the hard work

The schedules, the regular checks and the meetings with class teacher might demoralize your children at times. The best way to cheer them up is to reward them for all the hard work that they put in to achieve better grades.

Your children should be getting an impressive result at school after such an input from your side. Why not take them for vacation or get them some nice toys?

Good luck in preparing your children for their next examination sessions. We hope they successfully pull it off!

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How to Draw a Car? A Four-Step Guide for Children

Published on March 17, 2014 by in design

As a child, I have always struggled to keep up in art and drawing. Each month, my teachers used to dispatch a progress report card to my home. And each month, my grades in Arts & Music were below average. They got worse with age, I assure you that. And, they got so worse that I finally decided to leave it to the pros.

My mother used to show me how to draw simple figures in a step-by-step fashion. Continuing her education, here are four steps that might teach little children [and most seniors as well] how to draw a cool motor car.

Step 1: Draw a quarter of an oval

First, draw a quarter of an oval. You might find some bottles with an ovular build. Spinning a pencil around their base will provide you with a complete oval on the paper. Erase three-quarters and join the rest to form a figure such as this:

Step 1


Step 2: Draw a half oval and two quarter-ovals because the driver wishes to see outside!

You might be wondering how it looks like a car. Well, to make it more predictable, now draw half an oval on top of your quarter-oval. Make it a little smaller though.

Time to draw glass windows for the people to see outside and get some fresh air; the half oval you just drew will be filled with two quarter-oval shapes that will act as the windows. Keep a little distance in between so that they look like windows to the front and the back doors. Here’s how it will look like:

Step 2


Step 3: Time to give the excellent chassis some wheels

It’s time to move forward, and make the car able to move, too. For that, you need to draw some wheels. Draw the wheels such that half of them are below the chassis, and the other half forms a part of it. We can add the curve for the wheels later when we’re detailing the vehicle. This is how you’ll be making the wheels:

Step 3


Step 4: Add in the details and color

A plain car is not looking so pleasing? Why not give it some nice rims and a nice spoiler? Might as well provide some vinyl art on top. Let’s start drawing, shall we?

Step 4


After you’re done detailing, it’s finally time to bring out the poster paints. Use whichever color you may like and paint your beautiful car just the way you want. Here’s how ours looked like after we were finished:

Final Result


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