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Della Mae and LettuceBee Kids

Published on November 15, 2012 by in band, yours
Pakistan Travels ~
Courtesy: Courtney Hartman
“Monday was Della Mae‘s final day in Islamabad. We were there for 4 days. So many incredible experiences and people filled our hours, it felt as if we had been there for weeks. A very special thanks to our new dear friends in Islamabad and at the U.S. Embassy Pakistan who showed us so much love and overwhelming generosity.
A highlight during our time there was performing for street children through a program called Lettuce Bee Kids. The boys and girls we played for are Afgani war refugees between 5-12 years old. They are the trash pickers, gathering garbage for $1 a day to support their families. Their eyes are aged and worn and their hands are stained with henna, tough from their work. The effect of war on children had never before been so clearly portrayed to me. We played a few songs for them and then taught them how to sing This Little Light of Mine in English. I teared up as I saw smiles began to light their faces as they held up their fingers to follow our hand motions. I passed my guitar around to the girls and to see their surprise and excitement as they strummed a guitar for the first time in their life was priceless. A small crowd, mostly of men and a couple families gathered to watch as we spent time with the children. I hope that we made an impact on them as they watched us share some much needed love with the precious children, “the trash pickers”, of their city.
This was just one of many eye and heart-opening experiences here. As Americans, we have a skewed perspective on this part of the world, we only see what is fed to us in headlines. Spending time with locals, women, musicians, street children and public diplomats has shown me what incredibly generous and loving people the Pakistani’s are. The curtain of politics and media that separated me from the true heart of this part of the world was lifted throughout our time here.”
 — with Robert Raines

Image Courtesy: Robert Raines

Image Courtesy: Robert Raines

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